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Community Spirit Credit Union

"Where people are worth more than money"

The credit union was founded in 1937 for the
 employees of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons in
Lawrenceburg, Indiana and their families.
The purpose of the credit union was to
provide an affordable source of borrowing
 and to promote thrift among its members.

Currently the credit union serves anyone
 working or residing in Dearborn, Ohio,
 Ripley, and Switzerland counties.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Spirit
Credit Union as a non-profit organization,
 is to provide its members with reasonably
 priced financial services in an attempt to
 improve the quality of their lives.




Free Bill Pay from Community Spirit Credit Union

Online Bill Pay Tips

Tip 1
Save time with online bill pay. What used to take hours in writing and mailing checks can now be done in seconds. So you will have more time to shop.

Tip 2
Set up automatic recurring payments via online bill pay. That way, you don't have
to worry about remembering to pay the heating bill.

Tip 3
Can't find the perfect gift? Send a personalized Gift Check through online bill pay. Easy for you, special for them.

Tip 4
Are you giving money for birthdays or holidays? With online bill pay, you can send money electronically to any person who has an email address.

Tip 5
Traveling ? You can pay your bills from anywhere with online bill pay.
Or set up recurring payments in advance.



Bill Pay Testimony

" I have been using on-line banking/bill pay for the past year. I would
have told you that you were a liar if you said that paying bills could
be that easy. I have always had a difficulty with organization, especially
with paperwork. Over my adult life I would be scared to total the late
fees I have paid to credit card companies or utility companies. But
with bill pay I am able to pay a bill or at least set it up to pay as soon
as I receive it. No longer do my bills sit in a basket or go into a drawer.
On-line banking has improved my life and I would never go back to
paying bills with checks and over the phone. Thank You Community
Spirit Credit Union for making on-line bill pay on option for me!!! "